AIDAN ACKERMANAssistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestrySyracuse, NY
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Syracuse 2201 

For the Exhibition ‘A Day Without A Clock’

The city of Syracuse was incorporated in 1847, marking 177 years of history.  This unique video simulation, commissioned for the event A Day Without A Clock, envisioned the future of the Everson Museum plaza in Syracuse 177 years from the present (2024). The composition borrows vantage points from iconic photographs taken in the early days of the Everson Museum by Ezra Stoller to add a layer of historical continuity.

Inspired by passages from the book "Climate Change in the Adirondacks," the visualization explores the impact of climate change on Syracuse. The simulation incorporates southern vegetation alongside northeastern flora, creating a striking and jarring juxtaposition. This blend of vegetation hinted at the potential climatic shifts over the next two centuries. The impact of time was embodied in visualizing the ongoing relationship between humans, architecture, climate, and the landscape.